Alvernia University Flynn PLEX


Project Type: Education
Location: Reading, Pennsylvania
Project Completed: September 1, 2019
Square Footage: 97,640 sf
Total M/E Construction Cost: $4,598,000
Architects: Derck & Edson

Special Features:
Modulating HVAC units for varying loads, destratification fans, High-Efficient VAV HVAC system, low-flow plumbing fixtures, full sprinkler system, LED lighting control systems, gym equipment controls, building-wide natural gas emergency generator

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The Alvernia University Flynn PLEX opened in August of 2019. The project was the largest undertaking in the history of Alvernia. The facility is a total of 97,640 square feet. 65,220 square feet is multipurpose indoor athletic facility with a six-lane indoor track and multi-function indoor athletic field. There is an additional three-story section of the facility that consists of locker rooms, weight room, training rooms, state of the art classroom, lecture halls, labs, and support office space. The educational space is for the Alvernia occupational, physical therapy, and athletic training programs.

The indoor athletic facility is heated and cooled by (4) four self-contained DX cooling, natural gas heating units. Each unit has digital scroll compressors, modulating gas heat and hot has re-heat. The units have the capability for ultimate modulation. This is important because of the varying loads from a few people shooting hoops to an indoor track meet with many participants and spectators. Because of the high ceiling height, destratification fans were designed for even temperatures and energy cost savings.

The office/classroom space HVAC system is a VAV (Variable Air Volume) system. The locker rooms are fully conditioned with an energy recovery system which uses an energy recover wheel to capture the heat and cooling energy of the building’s exhaust.  There are high-efficient gas condensing boilers which provide heat to the VAV boxes plus miscellaneous heat (radiation, cabinet heaters, unit heaters, etc.). The HVAC system controls are all integrated with the campus energy management system.

The Plumbing system consists of all low flow fixtures and central hi-efficient, and semi-instantaneous, gas fired water heaters, and site irrigation system. The building is fully sprinklered.

The building’s electrical system consists of 277/480 volt electrical system for lighting and large motors with 120/208 volt for small motors and general receptacles.  The building has a dedicated control system with an LCD screen for raising and lowering of all gym equipment (backboards, curtains, batting cages, etc.).  The building’s lighting is energy LED efficient lighting with a lighting control system.  The lighting control system controls interior and exterior lighting. Hard-wired and wireless data outlets were provided with CCTV cameras, access control, and full-building emergency power back-up with natural gas generator.