Eastern University


Project Type: Education
Location: St. Davids, Pennsylvania
Project Completed: January 1, 2016
Square Footage: 9,770 sf
Total M/E Construction Cost: $540,000
Architects: Derck & Edson Associates

Special Features:
Energy Recovery Unit for fitness area to pre-condition the high outdoor air make up requirement; High Efficient Condensing Instantaneous Water Heater; High Efficient LED Lighting; New Surface Raceway for power & data connection to the exercise equipment

Eastern University has a beautiful campus located in St. Davids, PA. The university had a need to increase their exercise room in their existing Gymnasium Building. The existing exercise room was 1,300 square feet and was entirely too small for the growing enrollment and athletic department. The existing auxiliary gym was converted to a two level fitness room with all the latest equipment and amenities.

The existing exercise room and adjacent offices were converted to the entry, locker rooms and office space. The total exercise area was increased from 1,300 to 8,200 square feet.

Consolidated Engineers designed the HVAC, Plumbing, Lighting, Power, Data, and Fire Alarms Systems for the renovation. In addition, new sprinklers were required for this renovation. The existing building was not sprinklered.  A new fire service need to be brought into the facility. Only the areas of new construction needed to be sprinklered, however, the service was sized and piped so the entire building can add sprinkler at a later time.

Special design features include:  All new HVAC system for the new two-level fitness area; De-stratification fans for even temperatures in fitness high bay area; Re-purpose the existing HVAC equipment and modify the distribution system for the offices, lockers and toilet rooms; All new exhaust systems for the locker rooms and toilet rooms.; New BAS controls integrated with the existing campus control system; Low flow plumbing fixtures and new sprinkler system.; Extend new electrical feeds for new equipment; Replace main electric service panel; Data design; Lighting control; Fire alarm and life safety design.