Green Valley Elementary School LEED Certified


Project Type: Education
Location: Lower Heidelberg, Pennsylvania
Project Completed: August 1, 2005
Square Footage: 89,000 sf
Total M/E Construction Cost: $13,500,000
Architects: Michael Kostival Architects Wyomissing, PA

Special Features:
High performance building envelope Geothermal system Dedicated outside air ventilation system Daylight harvesting Rainwater harvesting Low VOC material throughout Local material sourcing 30% lower energy use than energy code

Green Valley Elementary School is a high performance elementary school facility completed in 2005. This project consists of the construction of a new building whose architectural configuration and aesthetics closely emulate Wilson School District’s existing Spring Ridge and Shiloh Hills Elementary Schools. However, a closer inspection will reveal a very different building.
Wilson School District, being constantly vigilante about saving tax payers money, directed the design team, which included Michael Kostival Architects, Consolidated Engineers, Multani Associates, Stackhouse, Seitz, Bensinger Associates and others, to design their new elementary school to be as energy and cost efficient as possible. The District dictated that the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program be used as the basis for the buildings design.
The building overall energy consumption is low due to low energy mechanical/electrical systems design and a high performance building envelope. The heating/cooling system utilizes a dedicated outside air ventilation system that is also capable of augmenting the building primary cooling and heating system which is based on geothermal heat pumps. Daylight harvesting and associated artificial lighting control, ultra-efficient equipment motors and lighting, rainwater harvesting, and a geothermal based HVAC system all combine to achieve a very low energy consuming and low water consuming facility.