High Concrete Structures – Maintenance Building


Project Type: Commercial
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Project Completed: May 1, 2008
Square Footage: 0 sf
Total M/E Construction Cost: $3,585,000
Architects: Greenfield Architects Lancaster, PA

Special Features:
High performance building envelope Conservation of non-renewable energy sources Daylight harvesting Improved occupant comfort features Zero use of CFC and HCFC Water conservation

Consolidated Engineers provided mechanical and electrical design services for the lighting systems, power and HVAC for this 16,035 sf maintenance and office facility including a 3,033 sf mezzanine.
HVAC – The building’s heating system utilizes the waste oil generated by the facility itself in order to fuel two waste oil boilers. A radiant floor heating system provides heat close to the occupants creating a comfortable work environment. Ventilation for the service bay area is provided by two 100% outdoor air energy recovery units with duct heating coils. Office space cooling and ventilation is provided by a packaged direct-expansion unit with energy recovery. A duct heating coil conditions the ventilation air to room neutral during the heating season.
Plumbing – The plumbing related systems for the building include the design of the sanitary and rainwater systems to a point five feet outside the building. The design also includes a sanitary system which connects to each of the trench drains within the building and routes the water to an underground oil/water separator. A dual flush valve for each water closet and reduced flow faucets decrease the building’s potable water consumption.
Electrical – The lighting system was designed to meet 0.6 watts per square foot to meet the latest energy code. A lighting automation system was provided to automatically turn off any lights left on in the building and to control exterior building lighting. Lighting was also controlled by local occupancy sensors and day light sensors for additional energy savings. Fire alarm, data and communications wiring and special power for equipment supplied by the owner was provided.