Muhlenberg Elementary School


Project Type: Education
Location: Reading, Pennsylvania
Project Completed: June 1, 1998
Square Footage: 140,000 sf
Total M/E Construction Cost: $3,884,000
Architects: Muhlenberg/Greene Architects, Ltd. Reading, PA

Special Features:
Water-source heat pump system with heat recovery units Data network system links entire campus together using fiber optic cables

The Muhlenberg Elementary Center is a combination of new construction and renovation of parts of the existing building. The completed structure houses 1,020 students from kindergarten to grade 3.
Consolidated Engineers designed the HVAC, plumbing, lighting and communications systems for the school. The HVAC system is a water-source heat pump system with heat recovery units. The energy efficient system provides an improved indoor environment by pre-treating outdoor ventilation air and controlling indoor humidity. It allows one area to be heated while another is simultaneously cooled.
The data network links all PC’s in the school together and allows them to share resources such as printers and file servers. In addition to the building LAN, the entire campus is linked together through a fiber optic network. The building also has telephones and television sets with VCR’s in the classrooms which are interconnected throughout the building and campus via underground cables. The telephone system combines outside phones with intercom requirements which allows special features like voice mailboxes and homework hotlines.