Northampton Community College Student Activity Center


Project Type: Education
Location: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Project Completed: November 1, 2005
Square Footage: 61,878 sf
Total M/E Construction Cost: $2,614,320
Architects: MKSD Architects Orefield, PA

Special Features:
Blending of Indirect, Direct and Natural Lighting Fluorescent Dimming in the classrooms Variable Volume Variable Temperature Control System in Gym

Northampton Community College Student Activity Center is an expansion of the existing central plant to accommodate a new addition that was completed in November of last year.
Consolidated Engineers provided the design for the HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems for the project. The 3 court main gymnasium and fitness center (shown) is illuminated by indirect lighting, direct lighting and natural lighting. A low voltage lighting control system allows the Owner to blend the available light for the use of the space. Fluorescent dimming is used in the classrooms.
The HVAC design included variable volume and a variable temperature control system in the gym to accommodate a wide range of space use.